Headed to Readercon

I’m just finishing up cramming snacks, pens, and changes of underclothes into my duffel bag, and getting ready to head down to Readercon 23! This will be my second year attending, after having a blast last year. Those of you skimming the program may have come across this gem:

30. Noon NH Group Reading: Codex Writers’ Group. Gwendolyn Clare, D.T. Friedman, Damien Walters Grintalis, Leonid Korogodski, John P. Murphy, Jennifer Pelland, Julia Rios, Kenneth Schneyer, Amy Sundberg, Gerald Warfield, Gregory Wilson.

Codex is a very active, 8-year-old, online writers’ group that focuses mainly on newer pro SF and Fantasy writers. (60 minutes)

That’s kind of a terrifying group of people to read with, actually — all very talented writers and better-looking than me! So what does one select to read when given a 1/11 chunk of an hour? A novella, of course! … well, the first 800-some words of a novella written for a Codex contest and set in Boston 🙂 I’d hoped to have a contract in hand for it by now, so as to be able to tell people where it will appear, but these things take time. And blood.

Anyway, my current plan is to be around the conference all weekend (but sadly without time to stray into Boston itself), so if you’re going to be at Readercon, let me know and I’ll watch for you!

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