Welcome Manchester Library Fans!

If you’re here looking for what you heard me read, you can find my Spooky Hour reading, the short story No Body, online for free here (under “Selected Fiction” up top). Or, my High Noon space western was from my novel RED NOISE, available all over the place. Happy reading!

Red Noise is Out!

Murphy skillfully transports spaghetti western tropes to a lawless space station in this action-packed debut. Publisher’s Weekly The ebook and audiobook versions of my debut science fiction novel Red Noise are out and available to download and start reading or listening right now! Red Noise is the story of an asteroid miner who just wants […]

See You at Readercon!

Less than a week to go until Readercon 30. I’ll be there all weekend if you want to stop and say hi or attend one of my panels, my reading, or my kaffeeklatsch! Here’s where I’ll be and what I’ll be doing: Friday 8:00 PMSalon C – Reading: John P. MurphyI’ll be reading from my […]

My Boskone Schedule

Just a quick thing, for those of you who will be in Boston next week — Boskone 56 will be going on, and looks to be a lot of fun! I’ve got a couple of panels talking about some of my favorite topics with some of my favorite people, and what promises to be a fun […]

What I’m Up To

Just a quick post, for the curious. I’ve got a complete first draft of my science fiction novel RED NOISE, ready for beta-reading. 97,000 words, and (if I do say so myself) quite good. It’s a bit of a departure from my other work, to be sure, but it was exactly the right thing for […]

My Readercon Schedule, etc.

Hi folks! Readercon’s coming up in just two weeks! I’ve got a handful of items, including panels and readings, and I’ll be interviewing one of the Guests of Honor, Ken Liu! If you want to say hi, here’s where I’ll be and what I’ll be droning on about: How Science Informs Fantasy Salon 5 Writing […]

I’ve Been Busy

A quick catch-up post. First, thank you for everyone who was so friendly and supportive during the Nebulas! I didn’t win, but Seanan McGuire totally deserved it, and I’m not sad at all. (Plus she did promise not to shiv me and take it if I did win, so how could I be churlish in […]