Another Year of Submissions

Around this time two years ago (as I commemorated last year) I started submitting short fiction in earnest and except for a few dry spells, have not stopped. Except for November (during which time I was working on a novella) I have submitted at least one story each month for the last year: 53 stories. I sold three (Unintended Consequences, Expired, and Whalefall) and several are still waiting for responses. Of the remaining, 7 got personal rejections (if only a “PS” at the bottom of the form). Some of those are reprint subs, a first for me this year.

Not much to say beyond that: I went from 33 submissions in a year to 53, and from 1 acceptance to 3. 17 unique stories to 18 markets (up from 7 stories to 14 markets). I’ve had dry spells and lazy periods, but I think it’s fair to say that I’ve improved. Here’s to another year of continued improvement, I hope!

51 Stories Submitted

(list is missing two pieces thanks to screen size)

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