Still Scribbling

My reading at Readercon went very well. Thank you to everyone who dropped by; I’m greatly encouraged by your reaction to the scene I read. I hope that my attempt to do voices for it didn’t confuse you too much. That piece was the opening scene from my novella “Claudius Rex”, which (under the title “It, Claudius”) was my entry in the Codex Novella Contest last fall. I will post here when it is available for purchase / online reading, but I am also collecting addresses of those who asked to be emailed when it’s out — just send a note to (my first name) @

I am also working on a novel, a science fiction mystery. This one’s more of a straight-up mystery, and I went the crazy-outline route: ~5500 words long, divided up into scenes specifying POV and action. I’m taking a page from some of P.D. James’s mysteries, of starting the book away from the protagonist’s perspective in order to show the reader what happened and the suspects in their native habitats. It’s not a howcatchem like the Columbo mysteries, but the reader will see significantly more than the detective.


So! What are the rest of you working on?

2 thoughts on “Still Scribbling

  1. Also a science fiction mystery with a long outline – though if I had to choose, it would land more heavily on the side of science fiction than mystery. Still, it’s a lot of fun.

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