Nothing on Submission

Yesterday I had two pieces still out on submission: A Stab in the Dark (to Strange Horizons) and Death in a Tin Can (my submission piece to Viable Paradise)

At 1am, Strange Horizons said “No, thanks”

At 1:45am, Viable Paradise said “Congratulations”!

I now have no short fiction on submission anywhere. I need to remedy that. But first, we squee.

9 thoughts on “Nothing on Submission

  1. Congrats. It’s nice to get a response back, especially when it is a yes. I really like the title “Death in a Tin Can.” Good luck.


    1. The reward for getting into Viable Paradise is the manuscript getting torn to shreds and fed to John Scalzi’s cats, on scenic Martha’s Vineyard 🙂 Hopefully the version that results will be published somewhere, though, probably under John P. Murphy.

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