Viable Paradise Application Period Is Open

Just a friendly reminder that applications are now being accepted for Viable Paradise 15, to take place this coming October in scenic Martha’s Vineyard. SF/F writers should seriously consider applying. Why? As a VP student you’ll make use of five important resources: The instructors. Award-winning writers and editors who will read your story and tell […]

Processing Viable Paradise

I am home. I am at my desk with a view of the neighbor’s tree and its green leaves turned to gold. I have had my moment of wondering whether the last week really happened. (Do not worry, the size of my unread inbox quickly disabused me of that cliche) There is a lot to […]

Getting Ready For VP

I’ve been spending some time and energy getting ready for Viable Paradise. I picked up a number of books by and recommended by the instructors. So far I’ve been very impressed: Steven Gould’s Jumper was fantastic, and Doyle and Macdonald’s Land of Mist and Snow is a fine piece of fiction, too. Scalzi’s recent short […]

Doing My VP Homework

So, in preparation for Viable Paradise, I’m catching up on stuff the instructors have written/recommended. All good stuff. (And I’m also improving my chess game!) But it occurred to me that a number of my future classmates have been published as well, and it would be nice to read some of their stuff before I […]

Nothing on Submission

Yesterday I had two pieces still out on submission: A Stab in the Dark (to Strange Horizons) and Death in a Tin Can (my submission piece to Viable Paradise) At 1am, Strange Horizons said “No, thanks” At 1:45am, Viable Paradise said “Congratulations”! I now have no short fiction on submission anywhere. I need to remedy […]