Nothing on Submission

Yesterday I had two pieces still out on submission: A Stab in the Dark (to Strange Horizons) and Death in a Tin Can (my submission piece to Viable Paradise) At 1am, Strange Horizons said “No, thanks” At 1:45am, Viable Paradise said “Congratulations”! I now have no short fiction on submission anywhere. I need to remedy […]

A Stab in the Dark submissions

Just got back a rejection for A Stab in the Dark. I wonder at what point F&SF’s form rejections started using the word “story” instead of “tale”. Ah well, into the filing cabinet it goes. Haven’t decided yet about its next stop. Its 7,000 word length is a little bit of a handicap for some […]

A Stab in the Dark: Out The Door

I finished up the most recent short story yesterday afternoon. I trimmed a few scenes, but made up for it by adding a whole other one (I’ll be curious if anyone coming back to this post can figure out which scene was added). It’s a good piece, one of the better mysteries-per-se that I’ve written. […]

Stab in the Dark: Rough Draft

I finished up a rough draft of my work-in-progress. I wound up wrapping it up at around 6300 words, though I may expand it a bit on the next draft. I added a scene looking for a particular piece of evidence, and discovered that the character addition from earlier shortened that scene considerably. Now comes […]

A Good Night (For Murder!)

Just finished up a good bit of writing: Just shy of a thousand words, net, on the current mystery story, A Stab in the Dark, after going back and making some revisions based on my notes from the plane. Adding a character (now Sgt. Van Rijn) was very much the right thing to do, the […]

Onna Nother Jet Plane

Well, that was interesting. Thanks to the thunderstorms, I spent far too much time in an airport yesterday, and didn’t get home until midnight. But the end result was more work on that piece of flash fiction (which may no longer be flash, I’ll have to type it up and word-count) and managed to overcome […]