A Stab in the Dark submissions

Just got back a rejection for A Stab in the Dark. I wonder at what point F&SF’s form rejections started using the word “story” instead of “tale”. Ah well, into the filing cabinet it goes.

Haven’t decided yet about its next stop. Its 7,000 word length is a little bit of a handicap for some of the markets it would do well at, but I’m not sure I want to spend the time and brainpower cutting it down when it’s this hot out and when I have other projects going on. (Especially when I’m already happy with it)

For those keeping track at home, that means I have only two pieces out on submission: one is my application piece for Viable Paradise, the other is at Daily Science Fiction. (That’s two out of four pieces that I consider submittable, three of which are mysteries) This is a sad state, one that I intend to remedy this week!

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