Through Other Eyes

One of the real joys of writing is getting to see your work interpreted by other people. Cover illustrations are always wonderful — getting to see how a talented artist viewed your characters and world is a real treat. Audio recordings and adaptations are also fun, especially when the production values are as high as, […]

In Praise of Super-Short Fiction

While I haven’t been blogging lately, I’ve had quite a rush of productivity. I wrote a Halloween story that was quite well-received by beta-readers, and I’m about 8k words into a (probably 20k word) novella that I expect to have finished by the end of the month. Rather than do NaNoWriMo this year and wind […]

Unintended Consequences (Flash Fiction)

Mr. Chuck Wendig, esq put up a flash fiction challenge earlier this week: spin a thousand-word yarn riff off the term “Irregular Creatures”. Now, I’m exactly the sort of person to say no to a challenge, but I had a look at some of the excellent entries (don’t miss Marko Kloos’s Seeds if you have […]

Onna Nother Jet Plane

Well, that was interesting. Thanks to the thunderstorms, I spent far too much time in an airport yesterday, and didn’t get home until midnight. But the end result was more work on that piece of flash fiction (which may no longer be flash, I’ll have to type it up and word-count) and managed to overcome […]

Onna Jet Plane

There’s something about airports and airplanes that’s good for writing. I can’t tell whether it’s the lack of decent internet access or the cramped seats that make it tough to use your laptop, or the scarcity of outlets, but lately I eventually drag out my notebook and start writing longhand. I got the better part […]