Onna Jet Plane

There’s something about airports and airplanes that’s good for writing. I can’t tell whether it’s the lack of decent internet access or the cramped seats that make it tough to use your laptop, or the scarcity of outlets, but lately I eventually drag out my notebook and start writing longhand. I got the better part of The Body and the Bomb written in the Austin airport. This time I got a fun little piece of flash fiction that I’m entitling “The Necromancer in Apartment 5”. I mostly finished it on the flight from MHT to BWI; I figure I’ll polish off the rest on my way back. (Assuming that I haven’t made too-enthusiastic use of my drink tickets after tomorrow’s meeting) I’ll type it up and edit it when I get back. Not sure yet if I’ll try to sell it or just post it here.

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