Through Other Eyes

One of the real joys of writing is getting to see your work interpreted by other people. Cover illustrations are always wonderful — getting to see how a talented artist viewed your characters and world is a real treat. Audio recordings and adaptations are also fun, especially when the production values are as high as, say, Drabblecast’s. And I mention that particular venue because I had the enormously good fortune to get a Doubleheader episode this week with two of my very short stories, Unintended Consequences and Expired. I love the cover art, and Norm did an amazing job with the audio. It was enjoyable hearing the musical selections in the background: I thought the use of music in Unintended Consequences was particularly good and really added something to the ending of the piece.

How about the rest of you out there? Have you had a similar experience of getting to see or hear your work through the eyes and ears of another artist?

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