Arisia Wrap-up

I got back from Arisia last night, and I just wanted to say that I had a great time. I was initially disappointed to only get two panels, but those two were a lot of fun, and it gave me a lot of time and flexibility to hang out with some folks I haven’t seen in ages and to be properly introduced to a few new friends.

I had a good time from start to finish, but the highlight was definitely the gender-swapped performance of the Star Trek TOS episode Space Seed by the Post-Meridian Radio Players. It was superbly done and my hat is off to these performers.

My panels themselves went well, thanks to the excellent moderation by Shira Lipkin and James Cambias. Not an easy task, but they made their respective panels a delight.

My one major lesson, though, at least for me: make sure to register and set aside the time far enough ahead to get a room in the conference hotel. Boston in January can be a tad cold, and even though the overflow hotel wasn’t even a ten minute walk it was still on the miserable side. (Second note: Yes, Boston is warmer than New Hampshire, but I should still bring a hat and scarf.)

So, thanks everyone who came to my panels or took the time to say hi! All told, I had a great weekend, and I’m already looking forward to next year!

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