Arisia 2015 schedule

Arisia is just next weekend! I’m really looking forward to it, since I had a ton of fun last year. I’ve got a lighter schedule this year, and will be around from Friday to Sunday afternoon.

Here are my panels if you’re thinking of coming to say hi:

Saturday at 4:00pm:
True Detective — Media, Panel — 1hr 15min — Marina 2 (2E)
The first season of HBO’s True Detective grafted a tinge of the supernatural onto its hardboiled story structure, and managed to create a nationwide frenzy over the works of Robert Chambers. We’ll talk about the way the show played with genre tropes, and talk more generally about the show’s structure, characters, and fascinating visual elements.
Morgan Crooks, Shira Lipkin (m), Megan S. Markland, John P. Murphy, Steve Sawicki

Sunday at 2:30pm:
Story Autopsy — Writing, Panel — 1hr 15min — Alcott (3W)
Our group of panelists takes a few well-known works of genre fiction and picks them apart to show you how they work, why they work, and in some cases point out the parts that don’t work at all. If you don’t like spoilers this is probably not the panel for you.
M. L. Brennan, James L. Cambias (m), Thom Dunn, John P. Murphy, Ian Randal Strock

If you have something you’d like me to sign, it’s probably easiest to catch me after my panels — Arisia is a big, busy con and it’s hard to find people in the crowd.

3 thoughts on “Arisia 2015 schedule

  1. Is it known yet *which* works of genre fiction you’ll be picking apart? And, I don’t have anything for you to sign but it would be good to see you!

    1. Sorry, misread that as “which genre of fiction”. We’ve got a short list, but I think it’ll depend what the panel wants to talk about (and to be honest, what we get through re-reading before then 😉

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