New Year’s Resolution: Achieved!

Waaaay back at the beginning of last year I made some plans for my writing this year. Focusing on what I could control (rather than, say, making my goals “sell X number of stories”) I wanted to finish either 10 stories, or 5 and a novel, and submit at least 40 times — in other words, to at least barely exceed my performance the year before. I also made a resolution to submit at least one story every month.

With a submission to DSF, I just completed that latter resolution: at least one short fiction submission every month since December, for a total (so far) of 52. As for the other goal, I’ve finished and submitted 8 new short stories this year (of which I sold one), and I’m well on my way to completing a novel draft, so I either have to finish that or write and submit two more shorts.

So, with a little less than a month left in the year, are any of you still on track to finish resolutions? Do you have time to resurrect one you’d forgotten or given up on?

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