Bacon Jam Pecan Pie

Today’s lessons: Science fiction and bacon are strangely linked (Just ask John Scalzi) and Twitter is strange. This all started the other day when Cat Rambo brought up bacon pieĀ on Twitter. It was a joke, I think, but I suggested that bacon jam might work well in a pecan pie, one thing led to another, […]

Nut Milk?

Totally off-topic, but I’m toying with the idea of making my own nut milk, and the Google results are getting overwhelming and mutually contradictory. Have any of you tried it? I have a couple minor constraints: I’m allergic to walnuts (sort of. Walnut oil is OK; walnut skins are not) I would like something thicker […]

Lettuce Speak of Other Things

OK, I usually try to talk about writing here, but I’m getting to my wits’ end. I’ve signed up to a farmer’s CSA and am receiving, as a consequence, a LOT of lettuce and other greens. Spinach, boy choy, kale, etc. Now, I like greens just fine. But salads every day… not going to work […]