My Readercon Schedule, etc.

Hi folks! Readercon’s coming up in just two weeks! I’ve got a handful of items, including panels and readings, and I’ll be interviewing one of the Guests of Honor, Ken Liu! If you want to say hi, here’s where I’ll be and what I’ll be droning on about: How Science Informs Fantasy Salon 5 Writing […]

I’ve Been Busy

A quick catch-up post. First, thank you for everyone who was so friendly and supportive during the Nebulas! I didn’t win, but Seanan McGuire totally deserved it, and I’m not sad at all. (Plus she did promise not to shiv me and take it if I did win, so how could I be churlish in […]

Audio, Email List, Treadmill Desks

First, some Claudius Rex news: The Year’s Top Short SF Novels 5, an audio anthology which includes that novella (along with stellar entries from Ken Liu, Cory Doctorow, and others), is available on CD and from I’m very pleased with how it came out, and if you’ve got a lot of travel coming up […]

A Note On Sales

I’ve noticed that the “My Fiction” page has gotten some attention lately, and I felt I ought to clarify how I handle sales announcements. Basically, I’ve decided that it’s most prudent not to announce a sale until I’ve signed a contract. Most short fiction contracts are straight-forward, but there are occasionally things I would balk […]

Top Ten Reasons John Hasn’t Posted To His Blog

10. I wasn’t kidnapped by aliens, exactly — they did ask politely, and it’s just a matter of infinite improbability that the Thraxxi phrase for “Would you like to toil in our Crisco mines?” sounds a lot like the English phrase “Would you like ice cream? There’s some in our van.” That took a while […]

Greatest Hits

I spent part of my lunch looking for an old post of mine, and realized that this blog has gotten kinda long. For you new readers, here are some of my older posts that you might have missed, stuff that still gets hits, and posts that I just plain like and hope get more attention: […]

I’m Here For an Argument, Part 5: Ethos

This will be a short one, I think. In the broader subject of rhetoric, there are five canons, one of which is the systematic search for argument, the Inventio. The subject of stasis, which I discussed last time,┬ácomes out of the Inventio. So does the subject of ethos, which I’ll talk about today. These two […]

Fiction Update

I’ve been feeling energized lately about my writing! The outline for the novel is progressing by leaps and bounds, which is a nice feeling. But I have been neglecting my short fiction a bit, and I do need to change that. I admit, the prospect of becoming a better writer in a few months’ time […]