“Getting the ‘Cyber’ Part Right” Link Roundup

If you joined us at WorldCon this past Saturday in Chicago for our panel on writing computers and IT, we mentioned a few links and books and promised more. Even if you weren’t there, we promised them anyway. And, here they are!

Mentioned on the Panel:

DEFCON conference, held every year in Las Vegas, has TONS of information for writers. Not just years’ worth of talks and information (look for the Media Server), but a writer can get a lot of insight into terminology and culture too. https://defcon.org/

CYBERSQUIRREL – https://cybersquirrel1.com/ a list of outages that were initially thought to be cyber attacks but were actually animals chewing through cables, nesting, and otherwise doing what nature does to tech over time. (Updates stopped in 2021)







http://www.hackerphotos.com/index.php?/category/1 (Some are NOT work safe)

Books Mentioned (not in order):

  • Rule 34, Halting State, Charlie Stross
  • The Dandelion Dynasty series, Ken Liu
  • [title= ] Karl Schraeder
  • Snowcrash, Cryptonomicron, Diamond Age, Neal Stephenson
  • Infomocracy, Malka Older
  • Machinehood, SB Divya

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