Red Noise is Out!

Murphy skillfully transports spaghetti western tropes to a lawless space station in this action-packed debut.

Publisher’s Weekly

The ebook and audiobook versions of my debut science fiction novel Red Noise are out and available to download and start reading or listening right now!

Red Noise is the story of an asteroid miner who just wants to be left alone. But when she arrives at Station 35 to sell off her cargo, she finds the place a disaster area, run into the ground by competing gangs and crooked cops who are happy to cheat her out of every last credit too. So she decides to take them all down.

It has sword fights and cheap booze and grenades and cranky old guys throwing insults and very few nuclear weapons. I had a lot of fun writing it, and I hope you enjoy it.

Where can you buy it?

Direct from Angry Robot 🔪 Amazon 🔪 Apple Books 🔪 Barnes and Noble 💣Audible

(And several more…)

Prefer to have paper? You can also preorder the paperback edition (July 14) or buy a limited edition signed and numbered copy from Goldsboro Books

Cover image of Red Noise showing the title in blood red with a sword piercing it against a star-filled backdrop

One thought on “Red Noise is Out!

  1. Hi JohnCongrats. I think I preordered one, when you first announced. We’ll see.Take careLove Dad Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

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