For Folks Searching On “Ransomware”

I frequently get visitors to my blog searching on the term “Ransomware”. I’d like to think they’re looking for my story in Daily Science Fiction, but… I’m guessing they usually have bigger problems.

If you’re one of those visitors, you may find this link more helpful. It’s to a site called “No More Ransom” and is part of an initiative by the Netherlands, Interpol, Kaspersky Labs, and Intel Security to help ransomware victims decrypt their files for free. (Writeup in ZDNet here) It has information, advice, and decryption tools, and is likely to grow over time.

Anyway, if you are landing here because you have a ransomware problem, then I hope that helps. If you’re here for my story, then I hope you never have to use those links but you might want to visit and bookmark them anyway.

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