2013 Awards Eligibility Post

Well, since all the cool kids are doing it… If you happen to be reading for this year’s spec fic awards, I had three new stories come out this year, all eligible in the Short Story category.

Tumbleweeds and Indelicate Questions from Nature magazine’s Futures section (Feb 2013)

Mr. Yuk, On the Premises Issue #19 (Mar 2013)

At the Old Folks Home at the End of the World from Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show (Nov 2013, requires subscription)

Edited to add:

Still Life, With Oranges from Lakeside Circus (Nov 2013) (Although the story was posted to their website in 2014, it went out to subscribers in 2013)

Edited again: The story actually went out to subscribers in 2014, so it was not eligible on any 2013 ballots.

I am also in my first year of Campbell eligibility, along with a number of fine authors whose work you should also be reading. It’s cold outside; stay indoors and read their work and they will keep your brain warm by filling it with marvelous, terrible things.

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