Sale: Claudius Rex

I thought I’d announced this here already, but I don’t seem to have! My novella “Claudius Rex”, an SF homage to the Nero Wolfe mysteries, has been sold to Paper Golem Press‘s Alembical 3 anthology.

This was a hard story to sell, due to its length (~36,000 words after several go-rounds with Paper Golem’s talented editors Lawrence Schoen and Buck Dorrance; many short fiction markets list 4,000 words as their sweet spot) and I’m delighted it’s found such a very nice home. I have the two previous anthologies in this series, and found them to be of very high quality; I’m very much looking forward to appearing in this third volume.

I’m still awaiting word about release dates. These things do take time, but I’ll be sure to post when I have more information. I’m keeping an email list as well; let me know if you’d like to be on it.

[ETA: oops, looks like I only have hard copies of the previous Alembicals. The *Curcurbital* ebooks I have, however, are quite nice.]

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