I’m Still Here For an Argument

I haven’t given up on the argument posts, don’t worry. My blogging has had to slow down due to a confluence of events: kitchen renovations, a lengthy bout with a stomach bug, and general business. I also picked up a copy of Stephen Toulmin’s original book on the philosophy of arguments in which he introduced some of the concepts I’ll be talking about, and I think I’d like to finish it and then revise my posts.

Also, I have an exciting bit of news: One of my SF/mysteries was accepted for publication! I’ll pass along the details of how you can get to read it in two weeks.

Finally, a request. The story I’m working on is really lacking in the zombie action department. I just don’t write action scenes well. So… who does? Not necessarily zombie action (though that’d be a plus) but who in general do you think I should read and learn from on this front?

9 thoughts on “I’m Still Here For an Argument

    1. I’ve not read a ton of Stephenson, actually. His endings can drive me to turn his books into projectiles. I think I have a copy of Snow Crash lying around, though. Thanks!

  1. Congrats on the sale!

    Regarding action sequences…I think Marie Brennan had a series on her LJ blog about writing action scenes. You might check that out.

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