Five In, Five Out

I just sent in my fifth fiction submission of the new year. If you count the one that’s waiting on a February submissions opening, I have five stories actively on the market. That’s not bad, but looking at what’s in progress, I’m going to have trouble keeping that up: I’m pretty thoroughly stalled out on my projects.

I have one short story in the works, a sort of zombie invasion story. I really like the premise, but it’s in a rut until I figure out something very important to the plot. Basically: I’ve got my characters up a tree, I’ve thrown a bunch of rocks at them… and I have no idea how to get them down. (I won’t give details here because I don’t really want suggestions)

The novel is stumbling along. I have what I think is an interesting plot, but I’m not so sure anymore that the characters are, particularly the protagonist. Obviously, that’s a bit of a problem. Not sure yet how to fix it.

Anyhow, that’s how things are going for me. How are you all doing? Are the words flowing freely?

2 thoughts on “Five In, Five Out

  1. I have an unsolicited suggestion. Throw bigger rocks at them and hope they fall out of the tree. 🙂

    Good luck with your story! My short stories have been going well, but I’ve been neglecting my novel. Hope to rectify that soon.

    1. Unsolicited suggestions of that sort are entirely welcome 🙂 (I mostly just don’t want to discuss the story contents publicly while it’s still in such an early stage of thinking)

      And thank you — good luck with yours as well! My short stories have been getting a real work-out, but so far nothing I’ve thrown out there has stuck.

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