Sale: Still Life, With Orange

A short piece, to new market Lakeside Circus. LC is a quarterly ebook magazine publishing a short novels’ worth of short fiction four times a year. My story Still Life, With Orange will be in the inaugural issue; subscriptions are on sale at a pre-launch discount at the moment ($20/year currently). Mine is an experimental […]

Text, Subtext, and Claude Shannon

Early on after I started writing again, I joined an online critique group, Critters. I got a lot of good feedback from it, but only one critique was so good that I still remember it more than a year later. It was from a pro writer who correctly pointed out that the story wasn’t really […]

Writer vs. Author (Poll)

I had a fascinating conversation with a friend of mine the other day about the preferred term for someone who writes. I had always had a vague impression that the term “author” was the more pretentious term for writing (particularly fiction) but my friend (who is free to identify herself in comments; I just can’t […]