My Boskone Schedule

Just a quick thing, for those of you who will be in Boston next week — Boskone 56 will be going on, and looks to be a lot of fun! I’ve got a couple of panels talking about some of my favorite topics with some of my favorite people, and what promises to be a fun […]

My Boskone Schedule

Is it really less than a month until Boskone 52? Yes, yes it is. And I’ll be very busy at it this year with four panels and a reading. My final schedule is below, and I think it will be a lot of fun: I’ll have enough time to read one of my favorite works, […]


Just a quick note that I’ll be headed to Readercon in Burlington, MA this weekend. I’ll be in and out but otherwise around from Thursday through Saturday. I’m not scheduled for any events myself, but I know a number of people who are, so I’ll be busy. (I have it on good authority that the […]

Thanks, Boskone

I’m very glad I allowed myself to be talked into attending Boskone — I had a real blast. I got to see a number of people I knew (though I’m sorry that I had so little time to talk to most of them) got to meet a number of people I knew only from conversations […]